What is the MENA legal Network?

The MENA Legal Network has a dynamic and ambitious aim: to bring together like-minded scholars, practitioners, students, lawyers and academic to share views, comments and opinions on legal developments in the MENA Region from an academic perspective. In order to achieve this aim, the MENA Legal Network seeks to make some of these analyses available to a wider audience using our network of academics and institutions, through a variety of different mediums, including seminars, conferences and workshops as well as publishing in journals and books.

Why the MENA Legal Network?

A small and dynamic team of academics, scholars and practitioners saw the need to fill a gap: the need to develop a network of specialists from various that are in regular contact to contribute their perspectives and experience. Collaboration, as they say, is ‘King’.

Seeking to fill this gap, the MENA Legal Network wants to serve as a platform for those interested in developing a better understanding of current legal developments in the MENA Region, in an independent, autonomous and nonpartisan manner.  If collaboration is ‘King’, then rigorous academic standards must undeniably be ‘Queen’.

Who we are?

We are a group of international and constitutional lawyers and academics currently based across Germany, Italy, United States and the Arab World. We each have years-long academic and work experience in various countries in the MENA region, dealing in particular with legal, governmental and judicial institutions, as well as with local NGOs and associations.

But we certainly cannot do this alone. We need the assistance of other qualified, intelligent, passionate, analytically rigorous colleagues to assist us in achieving our aims.

We will shortly roll out a system of free membership to join. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to receive these updates.

The MENALegalNetwork.org team.